This year, don’t just scroll through those sunny days on your phone or tablet.  It’s time to get back the pure pleasure of the seasons that we wait all year to enjoy outside. As a matter of fact, even science says you should: Experts say that playing games as an adult can help lower stress, improve cognitive function, and build social bonds with other people. This is a lot more than what your phone can do for you. These classic lawn games range from new favorites to old favorites. Over the years, we’ve played a lot of the lawn games on this list. You may have played some of them, too. They were chosen for this guide because they had good reviews about how well they built things.
It’s time for you to do something. It’s time to get the whole family together and play one of these 10 lawn games for adults. They’re also fun for kids.


1. Flickin’ Chicken

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It’s similar to bocce, but far sillier. The goal of Flickin’ Chicken is to improve your aim so that you can hit your target on the first try. Toss the disc across the yard, and then flick your rubber chicken of choice across the yard in an attempt to get it to land on the disc in the fewest amount of throws as possible. (However, keep in mind that it will almost certainly deviate from its intended path.) Simply aim, and try not to worry about how silly you appear to be while doing so.


2. Himal Collapsible Portable Corn Hole Boards

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There are two boards covered with nonskid fabric, eight beanbags, and even a carrying case included for easy transportation and storage of this lawn game for grownups. We like that this particular corn hole set is collapsible and can be transported easily, despite the fact that there are endless kinds available. Furthermore, each board is only 4 pounds in weight.


3. Kubb Viking Clash Toss Game Set

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Is your family familiar with the game of Kubb? It’s a super fun (and challenging!) option if you’re looking for a lawn game for adults that’s a cross between bowling, horseshoes, and corn hole — and you want something that’s just as easy to play in the backyard as it is at the beach. It can be played by two to six people. The general goal of the game is to use the cylindrical batons to knock over the short wooden blocks known as Kubbs on opposite ends of the playing field. After knocking down all of the baseline and field Kubbs, you must knock down the “king Kubb.”


4. Giant 4-Connect-In-A-Row

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With this super-sized version of Connect Four, you can play the popular strategy game anywhere, including the grass or the pavement. Two players compete against each other to place their red or blue coins into the wooden frame in order to construct a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line of coins all of the same color. This lawn game is significantly more difficult (and addictive!) than you may expect.


5. Bocce Ball Set

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If you’re planning a family picnic, bring this wonderfully manufactured poly-resin bocce set along to provide some low-key lawn game fun for the afternoon. Two teams carefully roll their four bocce balls in an attempt to come as close to the jack (the white ball) as possible without disturbing it from its position.


6. Elite Sportz Ring Toss

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We adore lawn activities for adults that are accessible to everyone! This massive ring throw comes with its own convenient carrying case, and it’s a breeze to set up nearly anywhere in the outdoors. Tossing the rings onto the dowels is a game in which players on two teams alternate throwing the rings. The white-tipped dowels are for one point, while the red-tipped dowels are worth three points. The first team to reach 15 points wins!


7. Bottle Bash Game Set

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Learn to hit the target with Bottle Bash, a flying disc lawn game in which you must knock an unbreakable bottle off its perch by using your aim. Simply stake the two telescopic poles into the ground at a safe distance from one another, steady the bottle on top, observe the direction of the wind, then fling away with the other poles. Everything fits into a mesh carrying case that makes traveling and storing a breeze.


8. Gigantoss Ladder Toss Set

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This ladder golf set is a simple, lightweight entertainment choice for a backyard that is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids and adults alike. Players are each supplied with three “bolas,” which they must fling onto the rungs of the ladder in order to earn points (with the option to knock off opponents’ bolas in order to deduct points from their own score).


9. Rubber Horseshoe Set

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With this horseshoe set, you can spend those sunny days stoically sharpening your aim without the need for a sandbox. Despite the fact that this all-rubber set comes with two stakes, the flat-bottomed poles can be utilized if you don’t have access to a grassy or sandy area to play in. While these rubber horseshoes aren’t quite as heavy as the classic metal variety, they’re nevertheless a fun addition to a backyard party for people of all ages and skill levels to try their hand at playing.


10. Spikeball Rookie Kit 

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This outdoor lawn game is quite similar to volleyball, but without the effort of setting up the court. The foldable legs of the flexible, hula-hoop-sized net allow it to be transported to the beach or the park, where it provides ample area for four players to run around. Begin the two-on-two game by bouncing a ball off the net and launching it at your opponents’ goal. After that, they have three passes between them to get the ball back to your side of the field. When they miss, you score, and the person who gets to 21 first wins the round.


Thank you for sticking with me all the way to the end. I hope these suggestions help you have a fun time on the lawn with your family or friends.

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