It’s hard to keep up with everything, from work to family to life. There are times when you need stress reduction that doesn’t include working up a big sweat or yelling, whether it’s been a bad week at work or recent current events have you feeling gloomy.

Colouring is a proven method of relieving stress, calming the mind, diverting attention from unpleasant topics, and providing a low-stakes, enjoyable low-stakes getaway. Don’t worry if you haven’t used a crayon in more than twenty years! In these adult coloring books, you’ll find designs that are far from simple, as well as expletives and more profound emotions that can help adults relax and unwind.


1. Under Star Projectors: The Drake Coloring Book

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Color Drizzy’s universe in whatever way you’d like to. Artists from over the world collaborated on this adult coloring book to capture the varied and cerebral essence of hip-most hop’s passionate superstar.


2. Pusheen Coloring Book

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Pusheen, the adorable cartoon tabby, has enchanted us all. Choose this coloring book if you prefer to unwind with a cat on your lap (and if you’d like to put an end to the endless social media scroll).


3. Unicorns Are Jerks: A Coloring Book Exposing The Cold, Hard, Sparkly Truth

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We were surprised to learn that unicorns are jerks, but this adult coloring book is proof – color in these horned menaces as they annoy you one nuisance after the other. For those times when you just need a break from the drudgery of regular life, this is a great option.


4. Secret Paris: Color Your Way to Calm

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Take a fresh look at the city that never sleeps. The hand-sketched quality of the drawings in this coloring book for adults adds to the city’s unique charm.


5. 24 Shades of Business: An Adult Coloring Book

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This adult coloring book features 24 inspiring images of women in diverse professions, making it a powerful tool for empowering female entrepreneurs. Girl executives from CEOs to salon proprietors are celebrated in this book.


6. Stoner Coloring Book for Adults: The Stoner’s Psychedelic Coloring Book

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420-friendly readers will appreciate this novel that provides a welcome respite from the routine. Intricate images of trippy stoner monsters can help revive your mind and get your creative juices flowing again.


7. Drinking Animals Coloring Book

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Coloring isn’t all this book has to offer: it’s also packed with drink recipes and adorable animal caricatures. Make a traditional cranberry cosmopolitan or effervescent Champagne punch with the included recipes, then relax and color as you go. The more you drink, the more difficult it becomes to stay inside the boundaries of sobriety.


8. Love & Pride: Adult Coloring Book

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To celebrate all kinds of love, this LGBTQA-friendly coloring book includes images of happy couples and families, as well as pronouns and gender symbols. It’s all about being true to who you are, and these pages are full of fun sayings like “I am the rainbow sheep of the family” and “Straight as a circle.”


9. Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places Real and Imagined

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“Architectural mandalas” is a reasonably accurate description of this book’s images. When you’re looking at a black and white page, it’s easy to become lost in the incredible amount of detail that fills the space.


10. Art Nouveau Animal Designs Coloring Book

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Flowing patterns and shapes of the animal outlines in classic art-nouveau coloring books encourage you to fill in the space with brilliant color.


Thank you for reading my article about the top ten greatest adult coloring books. I hope you discover the perfect book!

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